When you choose a plan with Synapse Payment Systems, you’ll receive a free credit card terminal or POS system ideal for small businesses. Accept in-person payments with ease and efficiency.

Why Clover?

We like Clover’s credit card POS system because of its flexibility and tracking capabilities. The Clover POS comes free with our most popular subscription plans and allows easy sales tracking and online orders. In store, it creates a seamless experience for customers. We work with retailers, restaurants, salons, service providers, and more, and we’ve found that Clover provides the best all-around solution for small businesses.

How Does it Pair with Synapse Payment?

Synapse Payment does not manufacture hardware. So, if you plan on accepting in-person payments, you will need a POS System. We’ve made the process simple by offering a free POS System for small businesses with our premium and enterprise subscription plans. The hardware typically ships within a week with the program preinstalled. All you have to do is plug it in and start accepting payments.

Can I Customize It?

It’s easy to add new products or services, offer coupons and discounts, and even accept tips. Unlike other payment processing companies, Synapse doesn’t charge separate fees on each transaction. You can focus on sales and watch your revenue grow.

Is It Really Free?

Yes! We never have any hidden or surprise fees on our credit card processing or POS system. The POS equipment itself is free; you pay only the monthly Clover subscription. All of our subscription tiers have no contract and no cancellation fees. You can leave at any time, but—once you see how much money you’re saving—we think you’ll want to stay.

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