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Customer Swiping Card on Digital Device

Stax vs. Synapse: A Stax Payments Comparison 

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Two women walking by inventory in a warehouse

9 Tips for Small Business Inventory Management in 2023

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A pile of credit cards next to a credit card terminal

Stripe’s Rate Increase: What It Means for Your Business in 2022

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Shoppers at an indoor mall decorated for the holidays

7 Tips to Avoid Chargebacks & Payment Disputes This Holiday Season

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Customer paying with credit card at a cafe

Credit Card Surcharges Hurt Your Business—Do This Instead

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A restaurant worker takes the order of two customers on a point-of-sale system

Is Clover a Good POS System for Your Business?

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Woman signing up for a recurring payment subscription online

How to Set Up Recurring Payments with Clover

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credit card terminal illustration

Subscription vs. Markup Pricing: Which One is Cheaper?

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A point-of-sale system in front of a customer paying with a credit card

How to Negotiate Lower Credit Card Transaction Fees

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A customer paying using a credit card

7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Accept Credit Cards

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A person holding a debit card

How Does Payment Processing Work?

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A customer pays using a credit card reader

How to Choose the Right POS System for Business

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Customer using a digital wallet to make a purchase

How to Choose the Best Payment Solution for Your Company

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Man discussing business finances using a whiteboard

Credit Card Processing Fees Explained

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