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Z Series

The Dejavoo Z8, Z11, and Z9 payment terminals offer a straightforward EMV payment experience. Featuring quick access to frequently used functions through the ‘Favorites’ Menu and a convenient ‘Call Me’ button for requesting support callbacks, the Dejavoo credit card machine is appreciated by businesses for its user-friendliness and ease of use.

Dejavoo Z8 Tri Comm

Z8 Tri Comm

The Dejavoo Z8 is a basic countertop terminal solution and is perfect for businesses that want to process credit cards in a fast and efficient manner without all the bells and whistles that other models provide.

The Terminal features:

Z11 Tri Comm Touch Screen

The Dejavoo Z11 has the same functionality as the Z8 but with a larger and more colorful touch screen that allows customers to digitally sign receipts. This is a perfect terminal for merchants that want a basic payment processing solution with a few extra features.

The primary features of the Dejavoo Z11 are:

Dejavoo Z11 Tri Comm
Dejavoo Z9 Wireless Terminal

Z9 Wireless Terminal

The Dejavoo Z9 is similar to the Dejavoo Z11 in terms of function and design. However, there is one specific difference. It is a wireless solution. This terminal is perfect for businesses that do not want to be tethered by cables to any specific location. Process transactions via Wi-Fi on your businesses network or via GPRS 4G/3G wherever cell phone service is available.

The Terminal features:

Z6 Pin Pad Terminal

The Dejavoo Z6 pin pad is designed to integrate with an existing point-of-sale system or be used in conjunction with the Z8 or Z11 to function as a front facing customer display. The Z6 is a great solution for merchants that need to have customers enter debit card pin numbers and do not want to flip around their main terminal.

This pin pad features:

Dejavoo Z6 Pin Pad

QD Series

The QD Series are more advanced payment terminals when compared to the Z Series. The QD line is an Android based terminal that offers a larger and higher resolution screen. It also offers a faster processor, more memory, and higher security standard certifications.”

QD4 Desktop Terminal

The Dejavoo QD4 is virtually identical to the QD2 with the main difference being that the QD4 is not able to connect via GPRS, 3G or 4G. This terminal is ideal for merchants that keep their payment terminal in one location and want a sleeker, more colorful desktop solution as compared to the Z series terminals.

The terminal features:

Dejavoo QD2 Wireless Terminal
Dejavoo QD2 Wireless Terminal

QD2 Wireless Terminal

The Dejavoo QD2 is nearly identical to the QD4 with the biggest difference being that the QD2 is wireless. This terminal is a perfect solution for merchants that want a more advanced terminal than the Dejavoo Z9 but do not require the keyboard of the QD1 and would rather have a larger screen.

The terminal features:

QD1 Wireless Terminal

The Dejavoo QD1 is a popular and powerful wireless terminal that still has a physical keyboard for those that want one. It also includes a barcode scanner for wringing up items at checkout as well as a Fingerprint Biometric scanner option for added security.

The terminal features:

Dejavoo QD1 Wireless Terminal
Dejavoo QD3 Pin Pad

QD3 Pin Pad

The Dejavoo QD3 Pin Pad is designed to work with the QD4 countertop terminal and provides a front facing display for customers to complete transactions. The benefits are that the merchant does not have the handle the customers card or flip around their main terminal for a customer to enter their pin number for debit transactions. The pin pad can also be used to integrate with existing point of sale systems.

This pin pad features:

QD3 mPOS Wireless Terminal

The Dejavoo QD3 is a mobile, pocket-sized terminal that does not have a built-in receipt printer. The terminal is the smallest and lighted out of the QD series and comes in at 200 grams which is less than half the weight of the next smallest terminal, the QD2 at 415 grams.

The terminal features:

Dejavoo QD3
Dejavoo QD3

QD3 mPOS Wireless Terminal

The Dejavoo QD3 is a mobile, pocket-sized terminal that does not have a built-in receipt printer. The terminal is the smallest and lighted out of the QD series and comes in at 200 grams which is less than half the weight of the next smallest terminal, the QD2 at 415 grams.

The terminal features:

P Series

The P series is the newest and most advanced standalone payment terminal that Dejavoo currently offers. They feature large high resolution color displays, more powerful processors than both the Z and QD series, and their user interface is extremely intuitive with beautiful graphics.
Dejavoo P1

P1 Desktop Terminal

The Dejavoo P1 is the best countertop terminal that Dejavoo currently offers. The screen is large and has extremely high resolution. This android based terminal is one of the best on the market and we could not speak more highly of it.

The terminal features:

P3 Wireless Terminal

The Dejavoo P3 has all the same features as the P1 with the addition wireless 3G, 4G, and optional LTE connectivity. This is the perfect wireless terminal for merchants that are on the go

The terminal features:

Dejavoo P3 Wireless Terminal
Dejavoo P5 Pin Pad

P5 Pin Pad / Wireless Solution

The Dejavoo P5 can function as both a stand-alone credit card terminal and/or a pin pad. The terminal is very light, compact, and easy to use. The perfect solution for merchants that want the convenience of a wireless credit card terminal without the need for a printer or physical keyboard. It also has the most powerful CPU out of the P series offerings.

This pin pad features:

Clover E-Commerce Benefit Indicator

True Cash Discount

Clover E-Commerce Benefit Indicator
Dejavoo P3 Inventory
True Cash Discount is a feature that is available on the Z, QD, and P series of terminals that Dejavoo offers. This feature is in line with current rules and regulations regarding offering a discount to your customers for paying in cash.

The terminal displays both a Cash and a Credit price to the customer at the time of sale which is known as Dual-Pricing.

The True Cash Discount program features:

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