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Countertop Terminals

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Valor VL100

Valor VL100

The Valor VL100 is the perfect credit card terminal for businesses that want to process transactions in a fast and effective manner.

This Countertop Solution combines a user-friendly display with advanced technology to enhance the customer experience. The VL100 has a generously sized touchscreen display on Valor’s intuitive interface. It also offers a digital signature capture feature and provides flexible receipt options via print, SMS, or email.

Valor VL100 Terminal-
Simple Countertop Solution

Valor VL300 Pin Pad

This Pin Pad solution is designed to work with your existing Point of Sale System or Credit Card Terminal to allow customers to enter pin numbers, pay with apple pay, and digitally sign without having to flip around your main terminal.


The VL300 comes with an integrated in-house customer feedback rating system to gain valuable insights for service refinement and improved customer satisfaction.

Valor VL300 Pin Pad –

POS Integrated Customer Facing Display

Valor VL300 Pin Pad
Valor VP100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal

Valor VP100

The Valor VP100 is the updated version of the VL100 and is the most recent model in the Valor lineup of countertop solutions. The functionality and features are identical to the VL100.

This countertop solution has a user-friendly interface with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and an intuitive design. The VP100 includes a digital signature capture feature and offers multiple receipt options, including printing and sending via SMS or email.

Valor VP100 Terminal –

Sleek and Stylish Countertop solution

Valor VP300

The Valor VP300 is the updated version of the VL100 pin-pad and is the newest pin-pad solution offered by Valor. The terminal is designed to be used with an existing point of sale system or countertop solution such as the VL100 and VP100.

This pin-pad acts as a front facing display where your customers can complete transactions without you having to present your main terminal. This simplifies and adds convenience to entering Pin Numbers and paying with NFC devices such as Apple Pay

Valor VP300 Pin Pad –

POS Integrated Customer Facing Display

Valor VP300 Pin Pad
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Wireless Terminals

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Valor VL100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal

Valor VL110

The Portable Wireless POS Solution

The Valor VL110 is a completely wireless solution for merchants that require the convenience of mobile payments. The terminal can connect via GPRS/4G for processing payments where there is no viable Wi-Fi connection. This is ideal for merchants that deliver products and require payment on delivery.

The terminal can also connect to Wi-Fi for merchants that prefer to have the ability to walk around their business with a terminal in hand.

Valor VL110 Terminal –

Wifi and Wireless Connections

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Android POS Terminals

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Valor VL500

The Pay-at-the-Table Android POS

The Android powered VL500 is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the Valor lineup. This terminal acts as a mini point of sale system with many additional features when compared to other countertop solutions.

The Valor VL500 offers a 2-inch larger touchscreen display than the VL100 and VP100 terminals. Full wireless and Wi-Fi connection capability along will bill splitting make this terminal an excellent choice for pay at the table and group payments.

Valor VL100 Ultimate Countertop Solution

– Revolutionize Your Business | Valor PayTech

Valor VL500 Android Pay at the Table Credit Card Terminal
Valor VP500 Android Credit Card Terminal

Valor VP500

The Portable Android POS Solution

The Valor VP500 is the newest version of a portable android POS system that harnesses the full spectrum of Android’s capabilities, providing familiar smartphone-like features that enhance the customer experience and empower merchants to modernize and expand their businesses.


Experience a user-friendly interface with a beautiful touchscreen display that includes a digital signature capture feature with multiple receipt options like printing, SMS, and email.

Valor VP500 Terminal-

Advanced Android Based POS Terminal

ValorPay Portal

The ValorPay portal allows you to access real-time transaction data. It also allows you to maintain and update customer information, key in transactions, set up automatic billing, and it even integrates with website shopping carts for E-commerce stores.
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Mobile Terminals

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ValorPay App

The ValorPay app allows merchants to process transactions on their smart phone wherever cell phone service is available. For a more seamless execution of transactions, you can establish a Bluetooth connection with the RCKT Mobile POS device and accept EMV for added security and cheaper processing rates.

Valor RCKT Mobile POS


The Portable Android POS Solution

The Valor RCKT is a secure and convenient mobile payment solution that transforms your smart phone into a payment processing terminal. The device allows you to accept EMV payments and includes a built-in Pin Pad for accepting Pin Debit transactions that are compliant with PCI-PTS 5.0 standards.


The terminal features added security which reduces the risk of counterfeit, lost, and stolen card fraud through EMV protection.

Valor VL100 Video

Valor VL100 Ultimate Countertop Solution - Revolutionize Your Business | Valor PayTech

Valor Engage My Customer
Additional Products:

Engage My CustomerTM

Valor’s “Engage My Customer” is a very powerful marketing and retention tool that is used to engage your customers on a personal basis. Gather your customers data and obtain insights such as how much your average customers spend, the percentage of your repeat customers, who your VIP customers are, and more.

Increase customer retention by allowing customers to leave feedback and addressing that feedback, stopping potentially bad reviews before they happen. 

Send promotions Via Text and Email to customers notifying them of sales events or provide discount codes to increase revenue. Contact customers that haven’t been to your business in a while or do something special for your best clients.”

Valor Connect Portal

Valor Connect

Utilizing cloud-based technology, Valor introduces a
groundbreaking feature enabling transactions to be sent to desktop payment terminals via the cloud. This functionality is particularly valuable for businesses like medical offices, requiring added security or operating over the counter.

Known as Valor Connect, this solution allows businesses
to retain their preferred POS system while seamlessly interfacing with their chosen processor through Valor’s desktop solution terminals. In essence, it provides a streamlined approach to transaction processing while maintaining individualized preferences.

Valor Shield

Valor shield is a suite of tools that allow businesses to control transaction inflows from customers. These controls enhance Transactional Security by allowing you to set restrictions on payment acceptance. These restrictions include:

Valor Trademark
International Card Check
Card Phishing
Refund Score
EMV Fallback Limit
Shipping Address
( E-Commerce )
IP Address ( E-Commerce )
Per Transaction Max Limit
Daily Max Cumulative Amount
Monthly Max Cumulative Amount

Setting restrictions can help with preventing fraudulent transactions.

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