Equipment: Choosing A Credit Card Terminal for Your Business

Exatouch POS System

Exatouch is a point-of-sale (POS) system designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for payment processing and managing various aspects of their operations. Exatouch has been in business for over two decades.

What’s in the POS Bundle?

The Exatouch POS Bundle comes with all the durable hardware and cutting-edge software your business needs to succeed:

As an Exatouch merchant partner. you’ll also receive teh following value-adds at no cost:

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An Exatouch software license

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Free back office license

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Access to the POS Cloud online dashboard

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Menu/inventory import with review

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Daily cloud backup

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Employee access cards

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Starter receipt paper

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Over-the-phone traning and installation walkthroughs

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Network switch with ethernet cables (as needed)

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Wireless keyboard and mouse

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Exatouch POS System Pin-Pad

PAX S300

The Exatouch PAX S300 is a versatile payment terminal that is part of the Exatouch point-of-sale (POS) system. This countertop payment terminal offers various features to facilitate secure and efficient payment processing. Here are key aspects and features of the Exatouch PAX S300:

1. EMV and Contactless Payments: The Exatouch PAX S300 supports EMV chip card payments, providing enhanced security for credit and debit card transactions. It also accommodates contactless payments, enabling customers to make payments by tapping their contactless cards or mobile devices (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay).

2. Magnetic Stripe Card Support: In addition to chip cards and contactless payments, the terminal can process

PAX A920

The Exatouch PAX A920 is a portable payment terminal designed for secure and convenient payment processing. It is part of the Exatouch point-of-sale (POS) system provided by Electronic Payments. Here are the key features and aspects of the Exatouch PAX A920:

1. Portable Design: The PAX A920 is a wireless and handheld payment terminal, offering portability and flexibility for businesses that require mobile payment processing. This makes it suitable for various industries, including retail, hospitality, and services where payments need to be taken away from a fixed location.

2. EMV and Contactless Payments: Like its countertop counterparts, the PAX A920 supports EMV chip card payments, providing enhanced security for credit and debit card transactions.

Exatouch POS System A920 Pin-Pad
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Add On Accessories

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Exatouch POS System Kitchen Monitor

KDS Monitor

The Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) Monitor comes in both a Touch Screen and Non-Touch screen version for order management control. This monitor is popularly used in kitchens and in warehouses for order fulfillment.
You can pair the monitor with a wall mount for installation in a convenient location. The KDS monitor is fully integrated into your ExaTouch system so that when orders are placed on the POS system, they display on the monitor in whatever location suits you best.
The KDS Bump Bar is another accessory that is commonly paired with the Monitor and allows for easy order navigation and filtration.
. Save on paper – Eliminate paper tickets with a clean, digital KDS!
. Expedite orders – Submit and view orders in real-time, reducing delays in order placement and preparation

Specifications :

22″ Standard LCD Monitor

Width: 20.2” Height: 15.7” Depth: 6.7” Screen Size: 22” Weight: 7.74 lbs

22” Touchscreen LED Monitor

Width: 21.7” Height: 15.5” Depth: 7.6” Screen Size: 22” Weight: 16.5 lbs

KDS Bump Bar

Easily filter and advance orders with this convenient bump bar. With high-quality stainless steel dome disk switches that last more than 3 million cycles, this keypad is built to withstand the busiest kitchen environments! The unit is also enclosed in durable plastic that is UV-resistant and prevents color fading.

Specifications :

Width: 9.25”
Height: 2.86”
Depth: 1.13”

Exatouch POS System Kitchen Monitor Bump Bar
Exatouch POS System Kitchen Printer

Star Micronics Kitchen Printer

Built to withstand warm and humid environments, our impact kitchen printer is the ideal printing solution for restaurants and QSRs.
.Streamline kitchen operations – Push orders to the kitchen and tickets print to the designated prep station instantaneously.
.Reduce meal prep times – Shave minutes off of food preparation with comprehensive order details, including modifiers and special requests.
.Increasing order accuracy – Long gone are the days of hand-written tickets! All order tickets follow a simple format and are easy to read.
.Earn more money – Faster table turns means more customers, higher profit margins, and more tips for waitstaff.

Specifications :

Dimensions: 6.3” W x 9.6” H x 5” D
Weight: 8.0 lb
Paper: 3” W x 165’ L

Epson Label Printer

With a barcode label printer, you can quickly produce shelf and product tags on demand. The labels enable you to scan and obtain item details with ease, such as stock on hand and pricing.
.Create labels on demand – Print shelf labels and product tags when you need to create a custom barcode or update pricing on the fly.
.Improve inventory control – Scan a shelf or product label to track items and access stock counts, pricing, and more.
.Reduce errors – Spend less time creating tags and tracking data by hand, which oftentimes results in costly errors.
.Increase versatility and flexibility – Use shelf and product labels for numerous applications and attach to a variety surfaces and products.
Exatouch POS System Label Printer
Exatouch POS System Barcode Scanner

2D Zebra and Sybol
2D Scanners

The 2D Zebra and Sybol 2D Scanner can be used to log existing bar codes for pricing and inventory management. They can also pair with the Epson Label Printer for fast and efficient checkout. The Sybol is a Bluetooth barcode scanner and can be used wherever there is WiFi connectivity. It works alongside your POS system and is especially helpful when needing to read hard-to-reach barcodes. A Bluetooth scanner is essential for managing inventory on location and is super convenient for scanning products that are high up or low down on a shelf.

Tor Rey PC 40Lb Scale

From cuts of meat to salad entrees, this durable, stainless-steel scale is convenient, user-friendly, and works well in a variety of businesses that sell smaller food items by weight.
. Front and rear LCD displays – Customers can watch as their orders are weighed.
. Offset containers – Offset the weight of containers and packaging.
. Integrates with Exatouch – Streamlines weighing and label creation
. NTEP approved – This scale meets all government standards and requirements as set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for scales and other weighing equipment Ideal for.

Specifications :

Capacity: Up to 40 lbs Increments: .01 lb
Overall Dimensions: 14” W x 14 1/8” D x 5 5/8” H
Platform Dimensions: 11” x 14”

Exatouch POS System Weight Scale
Exatouch POS System Weight Scale

CAS PD-2 30Lb Scale

The CAS PD-2 Pairs with the ExaTouch POS to provides weight information for products that are priced by weight.
. Precise measurements – Toggle between pounds and ounces as needed.
. Easy to read – A tilted, backlit display clearly shows item weight.
. Integrates with Exatouch – Streamline weighing and label creation
NTEP Approved – This scale meets all government standards and requirements as set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for scales and other weighing equipment.
Ideal for:
. Farmer’s markets
. Specialty food markets
. Any retailer selling larger items by weight (produce, seasonal items, etc.)

Specifications :

Capacity: Up to 30 lbs Increments: 2 gm | .005 lb | .1 oz
Overall Dimensions: 14.96” W x 11.02” D x 3.11” H
Platform Dimensions: 15” W x 11” D
Scale Weight: 14.77 lb

DataLogic Magellan 9400i Scanner/Scale

This in-counter scanner/scale reads both 1D and 2D bar codes without requiring item orientation by the cashier–expediting scanning and check out.
. Large scanning zone – Quickly scan items in a variety of shapes and sizes.
. Omnidirectional scanner – Read labels on 4 sides, plus top and bottom, ensuring items remain in their natural orientation during scanning.
. Built-in scale – An operational weight of 30 pounds.
. Supports coupon scanning and label reading.
Ideal for:
. Markets
. Butcher Shops

Specifications :

Capacity: Up to 30 lbs Increments: .01 lb Overall
Dimensions: Below Counter: 4” H | Above
Counter: 5.1” H | Width: 11.5”

Exatouch POS System Built In Counter Weight Scale and Barcode Scanner
Exatouch POS System Posiflex Tablet

Posiflex Tablet

Designed for mobile inventory management, this tablet makes scanning, editing, and reporting simple and efficient. Each tablet includes a pistol grip and 2D barcode scanner. Perfect for businesses with a lot of Inventory.

Microsoft Surface Go Tablet

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with a tablet built for tableside ordering. Each tablet includes a protective case with convenient hand strap for ease of use and bump protection.
. Improved speed of service — Reduced dining times enables your restaurant to get customers in and out fast.
. Increased revenues — Faster table turns mean more revenue for your restaurant, more tips for servers.
. Reduced errors — Placing orders using a tablet, real-time, reduces the opportunity for mistakes.

Each tablet includes a protective case with convenient hand strap for ease of use and bump protection.

Specifications :

Screen Size: 10.5″ Touchscreen Display: 1920 x
1280 px; 3:2 aspect ratio Dimensions: 9.65″ w x
6.9″ h x 0.33″ d Weight: 1.2 lb Battery life: Up to 10 hours Power connection: USB-C
Communication: WiFi connectivity

Exatouch POS System Microsoft Surface Go Tablet

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