Equipment: Choosing A Credit Card Terminal for Your Business

Although we offer a free Clover POS system when you sign up with Synapse, our software is compatible with most other POS systems and credit card terminals for small businesses. 

Our goal is to make payment processing work better for you. From helping you choose the right point-of-sale system to providing the most affordable processing costs on the market, Synapse Payment Systems maximizes your business’s efficiency and helps you keep more of your hard-earned money.

What Equipment Works with Synapse?

Our state-of-the-art software works with most of the major point-of-sale systems. Unless your credit card terminal is specifically locked to only work with a certain processor (as is the case with big companies like Square), we can install our systems. 

Brands we work closely with include Clover, Exatouch, Valor, and Dejavoo. Our software is also compatible with Micros, Aloha,, and many others. 

No matter what small business credit card terminal you’re currently using, Synapse is likely compatible. And if we can’t work with your current setup, we’ll ship you a new one—free of charge.

What is the Best Credit Card Terminal? 

All of the top credit card terminals offer advantages and disadvantages for small businesses. We’ve specifically partnered with Clover because we believe they offer the best technology for the broadest range of customers. Their reliable and intuitive equipment suits a variety of businesses from food trucks to nail salons, and their app marketplace has a host of features to help you scale your business and run it more efficiently.

So, if you are looking for our advice on what is the best credit card terminal, we’d suggest Clover. But ultimately, the terminal you’re most comfortable with is the one that works best for you. In any case, we can lower your fees.

Why Choose Synapse? 

In addition to near-universal compatibility, Synapse offers the lowest payment processing fees anywhere and a dedication to customer satisfaction that can’t be beaten.

Show us your current payment processing statement, and we’ll be happy to show you exactly where you’re overspending. Get in touch today for a free consultation or further advice on what equipment is right for your business.